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Joseph Riggs wrote:

> Any way, the reason why I mention the first game is that the mechs in the game
> were, as far as I can remember, limited strictly to the ones that had been
> borrowed from anime sources. So while the graphics might be horrible by today's
> standards, the sound effects look silly, the missiles and AC rounds look a little
> odd, and you'd probably have to slow your computer down in order to run it, it is
> an opportunity to pilot mechs that you'll likely never see again.

Oh, I'm very much aware of Mechwarrior. The classic game was also made by activision

I doubt you could get a modern computer slowed down enough to play it, since it ran
.35 past lightspeed on my old P-90! The between mission graphics clearly depict the
forbidden mechs though.

I also know about the 2C destroid and Glaug pod models in MW2, I used to use the
Rifleman quite alot. That was sure a great game.

---Brett Jensen

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