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--- Brett Jensen <> wrote:
> Echo|Fox wrote:
> > Shrug.
> > I don't hate it, but there are a few more than
> annoying things about it. The
> > tacked on love subplot was horribly handled,
> I still say 08th MS teams is just as cheezy, yet
> people don't slam it.

i disagree vehemently with that. at the very least,
8th ms didn't have me cringing and wincing at the lame
and dorky antics of kou and nina.

otoh, g gundam (particularly the end) had me crying
"flagrant foul!" at the HORRIBLY CHEESY ending. but i
still enjoyed g gundam a lot.

so, i suspect cheese factor has less to do with 0083
problems than poor writing does (c'mon, south
burning's death has my vote for the all time
dumbest...and cima's death has my vote for all time
second dumbest). it just had a lot of subpar writing.

> > Kou is a pretty horrid character ... I only
> dislike the Wing boys more.
> He's a dork, no doubt, but he was written as a dork.
> there aren't any glaring
> inconsistancies in the way he's written that yell
> "I'm a badly written
> character!"

between a well written dork (kou) and a well written
peace loving casanova (shiro), i side with the latter.


> > I, and a lot of other people, think of it as the
> Top Gun of Gundam. Weak
> > story and lame characters for the express purpose
> of telling an actiony
> > story.
> There are plenty of likeable characters too... South
> burning and Captain Synapus
> for example.

yeah, and they both died ignoble stupid deaths.

>yes it's an action oriented story, so
> what? Who says Gundam must
> follow a strict formula in the way that it is
> presented? If that's the case they
> definately should have stopped at CCA, (I know some
> will say Yeah!) There's no
> point in rehashing the same thing over and over.

sheesh. i don't think following hallmarks for good
gundam shows counts as being a rehash, brett. wanting
to write a good story after the fashion of established
homerunners is not a rehash.

> Look at F-91(Strictly the
> movie, I agree a series would have been pretty
> cool.) aside from the cool
> animation it's really just MS Gundam all over with
> higher technology.

so fricking what? i happen to like the f91/crossbone
vanguard era of space pirates. the all encompassing
war scenarios of 0079 all the way up to CCA is all
cool, but not the be all and end all of gundam.

quit downplaying other gundams just coz you don't dig
'em. jeez, it's almost (but not quite) as annoying as
claiming that gundam is dead after char and amuro
died. bah.

> > Of the 3 OVA's that will be airing next year, my
> guess is the Wing
> > kiddies are going to like 0083 the best,
> I'm getting sick of this "Wing kiddies" shit. There
> are some of us older UC fans
> who like wing. Just because you don't, don't insult
> us by saying all wing fans
> are Toonami watching teenagers. And don't insult
> those kids either, Give them
> credit that they will "get" Mobile Suit Gundam. I
> don't however Give Bandai much
> credit...I fear more alterations to UC material like
> those made to the recent
> "Gundam Battle Assault" game.

i agree. :P

> Bottom line: is 0083 Zeta calibur material? No. Does
> it have the wonderful
> characters of MSG? No.
> Is it an exceptionally well animated and
> entertaining show? Hell yeah! Is it
> Gundam? yep.


> ---Brett "Feeling like a hypocrite, guess I'll have
> to bash robotech less"
> Jensen

hehe. i like both macross and robotech on their own
separate merits (actually preferring the robotech
novels to robotech animation, specifically, but still
prefer macross overall, doh). i understand the
sentiments of those who got into the original macross
first and saw it butchered as robotech. but for those
who grew up with robotech, i find it (no offense
brett) the pinacle of arrogant stupidity for them to
turn around and bash it -- as if they feel the need to
dissociate themselves from a plague. same goes for
those who got into gundam via gwing and turn around
and bash it as they discover uc gundam.

what? is it supposed to be a mark of maturing as a
fan? geez.


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