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> Well, in some respects...I myself don't mind 0083. I think it's pretty
> considering it's an OVA and not a TV series and therefore will lose some
> character development.

    That depends - 0080 was an OVA and everybody here agree its character
are pretty well developed...

> I don't think he's a dork at all, but I'll deal with that somewhere else.

    But you have to agree that he behave like an idiot sometimes...

> As far as I recall, a lot of Gundam is action-oriented. ^_^ Also, there is

    Depends on what you call action - Zeta is really lacking in MS combating
until much later in the series. Of course, Turn A is the worse...

> plenty of plot in 0083...it tends to follow a linear pattern, yes, but
> there.

    Yeah, and there are plot holes the size of Texas in there too ^_^

    I am not saying the whole show is bad or anything, but other than ZZ,
which is rather silly at times, you probably won't find another UC Gundam
show with such a "weak" story, except maybe 08 MS Team...

> >definately should have stopped at CCA, (I know some will say Yeah!)
There's no
> Yeah. ^_^

    Not me - I like V2...

> I try to see the situation from both points...while it's true that there
> probably a lot of Wing fans who won't understand Gundam, there is no
> indication that there will be none that do. So I think people should
> just try to teach the uninitiated about Gundam if they want to learn...I
> mean, it's not a cardinal sin to think Wing is better than Gundam.
> this is all a moot point since the series ain't out yet. ^_^

    I think a lot of us are just saying GW has a lot of things that Gundam
isn't - girl friendly (don't expect to see any handsome main character
anytime soon), cheesy fights (come on! How many hits does it take to kill
those Gundams...) and no real sense of battle (where's the support crew? One
man army? Don't make me laugh...). There are quite a few GW fans that expect
to see those things in a Gundam, and some of them even try to "merge" GW
world into the UC timeline (Heero vs Amuro? Duo vs Char?), when they should
have consider them separate.

> Actually, in some respects, I prefer 0083 to Zeta. It doesn't have as many
> boring filler episodes. ^_^

    Of course - 0083 is what I called your typical movie experience - it's a
one sitting show. I consider Zeta more like The Sixth Sense, where you can
watch again and still get "additional" enjoyment from it. Yes, I consider
Zeta much deeper than 0083...

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