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>> I don't hate it, but there are a few more than annoying things about it. The
>> tacked on love subplot was horribly handled,
>I still say 08th MS teams is just as cheezy, yet people don't slam it.

Well, in some respects...I myself don't mind 0083. I think it's pretty good,
considering it's an OVA and not a TV series and therefore will lose some
character development.

>> the whole Titans wiping out all
>> knowledge of the Gundam development project was kinda toolie, and really,
>Sidestorys by their very nature require that kind of thing.


>> Kou is a pretty horrid character ... I only dislike the Wing boys more.
>He's a dork, no doubt, but he was written as a dork. there aren't any glaring
>inconsistancies in the way he's written that yell "I'm a badly written

I don't think he's a dork at all, but I'll deal with that somewhere else.

>There are plenty of likeable characters too... South burning and Captain
>for example. yes it's an action oriented story, so what? Who says Gundam must
>follow a strict formula in the way that it is presented? If that's the case

As far as I recall, a lot of Gundam is action-oriented. ^_^ Also, there is
plenty of plot in 0083...it tends to follow a linear pattern, yes, but it's

>definately should have stopped at CCA, (I know some will say Yeah!) There's no

Yeah. ^_^

>point in rehashing the same thing over and over. Look at F-91(Strictly the
>movie, I agree a series would have been pretty cool.) aside from the cool
>animation it's really just MS Gundam all over with higher technology.

Well said.

>I'm getting sick of this "Wing kiddies" shit. There are some of us older UC
>who like wing. Just because you don't, don't insult us by saying all wing fans
>are Toonami watching teenagers. And don't insult those kids either, Give them

I try to see the situation from both points...while it's true that there are
probably a lot of Wing fans who won't understand Gundam, there is no
indication that there will be none that do. So I think people should simply
just try to teach the uninitiated about Gundam if they want to learn...I
mean, it's not a cardinal sin to think Wing is better than Gundam. Besides,
this is all a moot point since the series ain't out yet. ^_^

>credit that they will "get" Mobile Suit Gundam. I don't however Give Bandai
>credit...I fear more alterations to UC material like those made to the recent
>"Gundam Battle Assault" game.


>Ok... lets see here...... You got started out on Wing, but now you bash it. I
>can't really say to much since I did the same thing with Robotech. Anyway, 0080


>Bottom line: is 0083 Zeta calibur material? No. Does it have the wonderful
>characters of MSG? No.

Actually, in some respects, I prefer 0083 to Zeta. It doesn't have as many
boring filler episodes. ^_^

>Is it an exceptionally well animated and entertaining show? Hell yeah! Is it
>Gundam? yep.


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