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That would be a rather wild assumption... Given that Gundams from later
dates such as Mk-II and Z are supposedly superior in technology, their
subsequent pilots (e.g. respectively Eli and Roux from ZZ) only faired
as mediocre pilots. What Kou demonstrated, however, was some solid
eye-widening improvements, impressive enough for the queen bitch Cima
Garahau, whose comment I will revisit below. Bear in mind, though, that
being "at home" with the unit is no less crucial that the performance of
the unit itself. Cima was deadly in her customed Gelgoog Marine because
it has been her unit for long, to which she is fully accustomed. As for
a rookie such as Kou back in his first flight under zero gravity, he
simply cannot adjust to both the unit (which has not been calibrated for
space combat) and zero gravity at the same time, especially during a
real battle.

Freedom045@aol.com wrote:

> Anyone could have been a great pilot with the GP-01FB and the GP-03. kou
> didn't do anything special except get shot down. Look at how Cima just kicked
> his ass, and she was flying an old Gelgoog Mariner. Kou got his ass handed to
> him.

It was measured against none other than Burning's expertise. Recall
that Kou replied to Burning's commendation by saying that it was
GP-01FB's superior performance that nailed Burning's GM in a simulated
combat, to which Burning responded by saying that it takes tremedous
skills to pilot a Gundam well. With years of experience and proven
ability (as tesitifed by Cima -- another ace pilot), there is little
reason to doubt Burning's assessment.

> As for Burning's commendation, what is that measured against? no one else
> flew the GP-01 except Kou, and Nina's analysis is suspect and biased because
> she is obviously going to slant the data in favor of her impotent boyfriend.

The initial reference was made to the second time when Cima and Kou met
on the battlefield, when Albion came to defend Birmingham from "an enemy
threat." In pursuing the revamped GP-01, Cima exclaimed her disbelief
in the Gundam pilot's improvement. Again, an assessment from an ace
pilot does carry some weight; just as people believing that graduates
from good colleges are a cut above others, simply because they were
assessed by an "ace" in academia.

> << Even Zion's ace pilot, Cima Garahau was a little surprised at how much Kou
> has improved between their two duals. >>
> I'm sure she was more impressed with the big gun that impaled her Gerbera
> Tetra, more than she was in kou's "ability".

Camille is definitely one of the better pilots from his era, but as for
those from the ZZ series... In any case, none of the Gundam pilots have
not "reacted with anger and rage." Recall Camille's response to
Yatzan's cruelty on the battlefield. Not only did Zeta turn invincible
to beam shots (God knows why...), Camille managed to magically turn a
regular-sized beam saber into a mighty divider (again, God knows where
all that power came from) that cut Yatzan's Hambarabi into two halves!
Now we know what to do when an electric generator breaks down: just put
an angry Camille next to the generator and it will give out extreme
outputs -- enough to generate a monster beam saber!

> Now you are saying that Kou could kick Camille's ass? Dem's fightin' words!
> Kou whines and cries on the battlefield, he reacts with anger and rage,
> which results in the near destruction of the GP-01, the loss of the GP-01Fb
> and the Dendrobium.

Good! Zion pilots are simply better!

> He also NEVER defeated Gato in combat.

Even if the MS team from Albion are just as good by fending off repeated
assaults from the Delaz fleet in Albion's solo pursuit of the colony?

> I don't see a problem about the pilots in 0087 (ZZ is another matter
> entirely), I'd rather fight alongside Apori, Quattro, Emma, Camille and
> Robert than I would Kou and his girly-man friend Keith.

Sure, why not? He is a typical cocky jerk who happens to pilot an MS.
He is real enough as a pilot, unless you consider spoilt brats from the
ZZ series to be the real deal.

> You actually think guys like Monsha are examples of what "real" pilots are
> like?

Is that so? GP-02A has a stronger beam saber, so it would be quite
strange to say that GP-01 has an upper hand in MELEE combat. GP-01
might be better in mid-to-long range combat with a beam rifle, but it is
hardly nasty enough up-close and personal. Besides, Gato is simply the

> Also, to remind you, Kou ended up losing the Full Vernian against Gato.,
> Despite the fact that the GP-01Fb should have easily outclassed the GP-02 in
> melee combat.

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