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Brett Jensen wrote:

> Phil Abramowitz wrote:
> > As someone whose been following Battletech for 15+ years, I can tell you
> > that the oppisite is true. All the fans really want to see the return of
> > the Macross/Dougram/Crusher Joe designs. Most fans aren't too impressed
> > with the latest FASA designs.
> >
> > Phil
> Well... I wasn't talking about Battletech fans. Anyway, I don't remember where
> I read that, but it must have been bad info, sorry. BTW didn't they drop the
> twelve before the HG/Playmates Lawsuit?
> Personally I agree that many of the FASA mech designs are crap, though I like
> a couple of the chicken walkers like the Timberwolf. I'd love to play a
> Mechwarrior game from the cockpit of the Dougram, a Soltic roundfacer, or a
> destroid. I always thought the way they treated the Valkyries was a travesty
> though.

Actually, you can, believe it or not. Mechwarrior 2 had one of the destroids, and
another unit (Battlemaster, I believe) was available if you used a hack and
entered the proper code. The Ghost Bear expansion featured the Maurader 2 (a
heavier version of the original mech that was based on the Zentraidi Officer's
Pod). But there is another option.
The reason Activision had to put the '2' at the end of Mechwarrior is because
aeons ago (I think its around ten years ago), Dynamix put out a game called
Mechwarrior. It was similar in concept to Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries (i.e. you
choose a mission you wish to undertake and get payed for it), except that almost
all of the missions were randomly generated, and you were expected to bargain for
the amount of money you would earn, and the percentage of the salvage you could
claim. And whereas the later Mechwarrior games seem to mostly assign preset
salvage after a mission, the first one actually generated salvage from within the
mission. The primary downfall of the game was that head shots were incredibly
easy, and probably the reason why they were next to impossible in the later games.

Any way, the reason why I mention the first game is that the mechs in the game
were, as far as I can remember, limited strictly to the ones that had been
borrowed from anime sources. So while the graphics might be horrible by today's
standards, the sound effects look silly, the missiles and AC rounds look a little
odd, and you'd probably have to slow your computer down in order to run it, it is
an opportunity to pilot mechs that you'll likely never see again.


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