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>Can we really say that every Gundam's pilot, at his first experience with
>the white suit, was a top ace? We could say that Gato, taking the Gundam, GP
>02 was a Zion top ace but surely Gundam wasn't his mobile suit. Char, Norris
>(in 8th team), Gato (in 0083 Gundam) and other pilots of the enemies' forces
>to be considered top aces. Fed's pilots are lucky but they show us how much
>the experience in the battle field is important (was this the real intention
>of Gundam's creator?). We see Amuro (sure, he is a New Type, but he is
>of himself as such just after a certain time),

I believe Amuro's newtype power manifested almost late in the show. The only way he could have survived Char's attacks was because the Gundam was a superior MS compared to most Zaku variants. Probably by the time he reaches earth, his MS piloting skills have been fully developed.

 and the pilot of ZZ Gundam (a boy receiving New Type's powers by the
>seroiusly brain damaged Camille Vidan (pilot in Z Gundam and great New

Your referring to Judo Ashita of course.

You can also add Usso Evin(VGundam) on the list.


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