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Gundam is about the characters, and without the characters there would be no
story, this much we know. It's even been said that you could have a Gundam
story without a Gundam ... so, pooling the mass creativity of the GML,
anybody interested should come up with two sidestory ideas, one in which the
main characters have no mobile suits themselves, but mobile suits may play a
role in the story, and a second one that can't involve mobile suits in any
way. Story ideas can either be movie, OVA, or TV series (!!) length, at your
own discretion.
Me first:
For the first case, a OYW sidestory that will pay a little homage to Three
Kings (and other movies like it, that's just the only one I can think of off
the top of my head). A squad of 4 GM pilots, a young captain and his first
command, a trio of raw spacenoids(sergeants? 2nd Lieutanants? I'm not
positive on the lowest rank that's been seen as an MS pilot), straight out
of training. While on a recon mission (to North America?), they're ambushed
and their GM's are destroyed. Their captain is dead and they're stuck deep
behind Zeon lines. Bickering amongst themselves, and having spent most of
their lives on the colonies they are entirely unprepared for the journey
back to Fed controlled territory. While avoiding Zeon patrols, they
encounter a village that Zeon has occupied and is planning on using as a
staging ground for a strike against the Federation. After our intrepid
hero's sabotage the operation, the townsfolk are blamed and are going to be
executed ... until a daring rescue is launched. Now, they must not only save
themselves but the familes of the village ...
Takes a lot from various US action movies, but I kinda like the whole fish
out of water idea, as cliche as it may be. This should be an OVA of, say, 4
episodes length.

For the second, (this would probably work best as a long single episode OVA
(2 hours?), since it's not really grand enough for a movie) a show on what
happened at the Flanagan Agency or Murasame labs, etc. Somewhere where we
could see the interaction between various natural and artificial newtypes
before they went into combat and met an early demise. Perhaps see where they
came from, what they did to them, how they changed, their relationships,
etc. I suppose for plots sake we could permit newtype only MA's for training
purposes to see how they newtypes were twisted for corrupt use, but no
combat ... this needs to be a personal story for it to be effective, IMHO.

Anybody else wanna have a go?

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