James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 20:49:22 -0800

>Oooh I like games =)
>1. Turn A's own FLAT-L06D Flat
>2. Some variant of the Z'gock .. doesn't quite look like the Z'gock-E
>3. The classic (:P) G Gundam MS, Neo Holland's very own GF13-066NO Nether
>4. Neo-Hong Kong's Mobile Horse Fuunsaiki
>5. Crikey. No clue on this .. can't even begin to place it. Possibly a wierd
>support MS from G Gundam?
>6. Another Turn A MS, TAF-M9 Eagel
>7. It's clearly a Zaku variant, and certainly feels like a MSV design but I
>can't say for sure. Some type of aquatic type perhaps?

2,5,and 7 are the unknowns here.

2. looks sort of like a turn-a design from the waist down. It could
also be something from G-Gundam.

5. has some stylistic similarities to 2. Could it be styled from the
Azzam MA from first gundam?

7. This is the intriguing one as it looks to be OYW related. It's got
the chest intakes and waist of the fed MS, but the rest is all Zeon.
It looks sort of MS-Xish.

I bet these designs were just made up just for fans to speculate
about. Since they appear in a Gundam animation they are legitimate.
So come on people! This is what fans do. Seize the opportunity, and
speculate now.


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