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<< I recently finish watching Megazone 23 pt one (Streamline Pictures DVD) and
 two (bootleg copy that is english with Jap. subtitles i think) and I have a
 couple of questions and I was wondering if anyone could answer a question
 for me.
 Why dows pt one end with him walking (I assume to his girlfreinds) and when
 2 stats up they so some animation with music that shows him helping and
 protecting his girlfreinds ex roomate and her father from the bad guy?
 Also is there a good site that talks about the series.

That opening segment at the beginning of the english version of Part II is
the animation that was commissioned for the never released ROBOTECH - THE
MOVIE : THE UNTOLD STORY. It's not meant to be a depiction of events that
happened at the end of Megazone 23, but is put there as a curiosity.

This is the only place you can or will ever see that footage.


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