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<< >Granted that Kou may not not have started off as the BEST pilot around,
>nevertheless he showed tremendous improvements as the story progressed.
>Although his piloting of a top-of-the-line unit invariably contributes
>to his development as a pilot, there is much credit on his part for
>commanding GP-01FB well, as the ace-pilot Captain South Burning
>commended. >>

Anyone could have been a great pilot with the GP-01FB and the GP-03. kou
didn't do anything special except get shot down. Look at how Cima just kicked
his ass, and she was flying an old Gelgoog Mariner. Kou got his ass handed to

As for Burning's commendation, what is that measured against? no one else
flew the GP-01 except Kou, and Nina's analysis is suspect and biased because
she is obviously going to slant the data in favor of her impotent boyfriend.

<< Even Zion's ace pilot, Cima Garahau was a little surprised at how much Kou
has improved between their two duals. >>

I'm sure she was more impressed with the big gun that impaled her Gerbera
Tetra, more than she was in kou's "ability".

<<Contrast the pilots in 0083 with those in 0087/0088, and it's not hard to
see the
former simply kick ass! At least Kou is a soldier, who behaves like a
warrior shold on the battlefield, unlike those clowns in 0087/0088. >>

Now you are saying that Kou could kick Camille's ass? Dem's fightin' words!
 Kou whines and cries on the battlefield, he reacts with anger and rage,
which results in the near destruction of the GP-01, the loss of the GP-01Fb
and the Dendrobium. He also NEVER defeated Gato in combat.

I don't see a problem about the pilots in 0087 (ZZ is another matter
entirely), I'd rather fight alongside Apori, Quattro, Emma, Camille and
Robert than I would Kou and his girly-man friend Keith.

You actually think guys like Monsha are examples of what "real" pilots are

Also, to remind you, Kou ended up losing the Full Vernian against Gato.,
Despite the fact that the GP-01Fb should have easily outclassed the GP-02 in
melee combat.

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