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Mon, 11 Dec 2000 00:44:54 +0800 (SGT)

>Just wondering whether anyone would be interested in seeing original US
>Gundam comics or novels. I think it would be fascinating to see American
>creators' take on Gundam, and comics or novels would be considerably easier
>and less expensive to produce than animation or live-action. Who would
>people like to see working on Gundam?

Sounds too much like published fanfiction. ^_^ Well, I would have to say
that I wouldn't like the idea...simply because I don't think Gundam should
be drawn by American artists. The art style is far too different, and for
the story, I'm afraid the majority of artists and script writers wouldn't
"get" Gundam - I'm not saying they would mangle it, just misinterpret it
badly (through no fault of their own, of course)

>I'd personally like to see Ted Nomura (Tigers of Terra, World War 2 1946)
>do a Gundam comic. J. Michael Straczynisci is another possibility.

Would be cool to see him do Gundam, but I'm afraid that it might be a tad

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