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It seems to me that in its origins Gundam F91 should be a series, but as a
series it didn't promise well, and so here is a film. If all this, I don't
remember when and where i have read this thing, had to be true, which marks
would you give to this Gundam F91 not successful series?
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> Oh Happy Day!
> Got F91 earlier this morning and just got a chance to sit down and watch
> and I quite enjoyed it. This certainly could have been the basis for a
> rocking series, so its too bad it got stuck into movie format. Still, even
> given the compressed timeframe it came off better than I expected. Most
> things I've read about it haven't been overly flattering. For someone
> never seen Gundam before, this probably would have failed as a movie since
> they wouldn't have a lot of context and the technology isn't explained,
> for longtime Gundam fans it was quite well done. The ending wasn't overly
> satisfying, and it almost feels like they were still hoping to do a sequel
> of sorts afterwards, but while it didn't resolve the war, it did resolve
> character story, and thats what Gundam is really all about.
> Speaking of the characters, they were quite all quite likeable. It
> me a lot of 08th MS Team, with Seabrook being a lot closer to Shiro than
> Amuro or Camille. Character designs were solid, if not overly memorable. I
> would have liked a little more character development, but considering the
> timeframe it wasn't too bad. Some of the side characters got the shaft,
> it was handled as well as most other anime movies. It really is
> that it didn't make it as a TV series, as many of the other characters
> interesting and I would have liked to see a lot more of them. Leahlee had
> promise as F91's female Bright Noah, and I got surprisingly attatched to
> Berghito as a Feddie grunt.
> Mechanical designs were notably derivative, but they had unique touches,
> times. The GM derivatives (Jegan's, and such) were the high points, with
> entire Crossbone Vanguard being rather ... "blah". I agree with the
> assessment that F91 was where Ookawara's designs really started going into
> the toilet, ultimately culminating in the mess that's Wing. Strangely
> enough, his work on 08THMST was great and is among my favorites. Weird =)
> The battles were nicely choreographed, and captured the chaos of war quite
> nicely. Capital ships got a bit more screentime, which I appreciated, and
> was kinda crazy seeing MS's and the training ship duking it out inside a
> colony.
> The music was a highpoint of this series as well. The main theme, Eternal
> Wind, I believe it's called, is great and definately ranks up with my
> favorite Gundam themes. The incidental music and the background music
> the battles fit really well, although I thought I was hearing shades of
> Wars at times.
> As a movie it was pretty satisfying, Four Stars as a Gundam fan, two and a
> half for someone not familiar with the universe. As a TV series, though, I
> think this would have had great potential. Anybody know why it was trimmed
> to movie form? And one final question, was Seabrook a newtype? I got the
> impression that newtypes didn't really exist anymore, but Seabrook was
> the newtype thing at times, although I suppose that could be based on the
> Biocomputer...
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