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>Ok, I just saw Gundam 0083 today so I have some questions, >that's why I
>asked everyone's opinions on it. But also... I thought I saw 2 >characters
>in it from Z Gundam. They may have just been people who's names >I've
>missed, but for both people they only showed up one.

Yes you did and they are...

>Ok, does Haman ever show up? I saw a chick with pink hair long >black
>clothes hanging off of her. Who is that if it's not Haman?

Yes, that's Haman alright viewing the stars from the window in Axis.

>Also, is that Basque who smiles when they talk about the Solar >Rays?
>Those goggles are so Basque-ish, it must be him...

Bald head, weird glasses, thats Bosque alright.

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