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>> > 8) Zechs Marquise in the Tallgeese III vs. Char Aznable in >the
>> > Sazabi...with no use of Funnels allowed
>> But with all his other Newtype abilities... it'll be an >interesting one,
>> that's for sure, but the Sazabi has better ranged weaponry >that the

>dunno about that, it may have more but Talgese III can blow up
>good-sized asteroids with it's gun, though Char has a habbit of
>slipping-out of target locks rather easily so it'll probably be

Blame that on his being a newtype, hell be able to sense when and where
Zechs is about to fire and move out of the shots way.

>up close and personal, and Zechs is a master swordsman in and

The Sazabi still has a lot of ranged weapons, Char can slip out of Zechs
target area (probably with the help of dummies)and pummel him(Zechs) with
beam shots, missles, dummies and the mega particle cannon in his waist. Up
close, Char has a large beam saber and two regular ones while Zechs has two
regular sabers.

>out of a

And Char also has beter personell weaponry such as his little rocket
launcher. If it came down to a swordfight though, that would be interesting
as both are quite accomplished swordsmen. Then again, their swords might
keep breaking and they would call it a draw on the count of not having the
chance for a fair fight. Come to think of it, Char would probably not use
his funnels if he ever fought Zechs in an MS duel, or pay for Zechs being

>Mobile suit, combined that with Tallgesse's legendary power-to->weight
>ratio and i think it's fairly even
> Jonathan Ng

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