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>Okay i can see wich ones are from Macross, but since i haven't >seen
>Dougram or Crusher Joe could anyone point out wich of the early >Btech
>mechs are from those anime (still love Duanne Loose's rendition >of them
>reguardless of where they originally came from) and yeah the >LAMs sucked
>in Btech, from fighter to mech mod is something like havlf a >minute by
>Btech rules, when we see Valkyries switching back and forth in >he blink
>of an eye almost.. heh, wonder what would happen if a Macross >task-force
>had a trans-dimensional miss-fold and ended up in the Inner >sphere..
>hey! that gives me an idea for a useless fight :)


Anybody have a list of the mecha and their mech counterparts? Also, anyone
have pics of the Japanese redesigns of some of the Btech mechs? I saw them
once in a copy of a certain mag (forgot which, I think it was MechaPress or
something like that).


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