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Wow, thanks for the info! I must say I enjoy reading these kinds of posts
over the "Useless fights", but that's just boring old me.


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> > Has anyone seen and can recommend:
> >
> > Votoms
> > Xabungle
> > Dougram
> > L-Gaim
> > SPT Layzner
> > Ideon
> > Orguss
>I've seen them all and I can recommend them all. They are almost without
>exception the "classic" mecha series of the 1980s.
>Armored Trooper Votoms aired from 1 April 1983 to 23 March 1984 and is one
>the first fully realistic mecha show, with a mature story and mecha that
>very rational.
>Walker Machine Xabungle aired from 6 February 1982 to 28 January 1983.
>It's a
>Tomino series that is played primarily for laughs, putting giant robots in
>what's essentially a Wild West setting, complete with an Eastwood
>Man-With-No-Name sendup. There's even a sendup of Taarna from the Heavy
>movie. You want giant robots, this one's got a giant robot as the pilot of
>super-giant robot!
>Fang of the Sun Dougram aired from 23 October 1981 to 25 March 1983 and is
>arguably the first fully realistic mecha show. You've seen some of the
>Armors in the BattleTech game: the BLR-1G BattleMaster is the Soltic HT-128
>Bigfoot, the GOL-1H Goliath is the Abitate F44A CrabGunner, the GRF-1N
>is the Soltic H8-RF Roundfacer, the SCP-1N Scorpion is the Abitate F35C
>BlizzardGunner, the SHD-2H ShadowHawk is the D-7 Dougram (JAKT Type), the
>Thunderbolt is the Hasty F4X Ironfoot, and the WVR-6R Wolverine is the
>T-10C Blockhead.
>Heavy Metal L.Gaim aired from 4 February 1984 to 23 February 1985. Think
>of it
>as a prequel to Five Star Stories, except that it was scripted by Tomino
>and has
>the same fairy-like beings he used in Aura Battler Dunbine, only without
>aura powers. It also has kick-@$$ opening and closing songs courtesy of
>incomparable Hiroko "Mio" Kadamoto.
>Blue Meteor SPT Layzner aired from 3 October 1985 to 26 June 1986 and
>spanked Dirty Pair in the ratings, giving the second season of Z Gundam a
>for the money in the bargain. SPT stands for Super Powered Tracer, the
>name for
>the mecha, which are on par with mobile suits in overall design and
>Aliens invade Earth just as we're establishing bases on Mars, but one
>alien-human hybrid (they'd been abducting us for years while getting ready)
>defects to our side, bringing his prototype SPT with him. The aliens
>clobber us
>anyway, leading to an extended guerilla war against the Occupation.
>Legendary Giant God Ideon aired from 8 May 1980 to 30 January 1981. Also
>as Space Runaway Ideon, it involves a ship-size giant robot formed from
>lesser transforming machines. It's a Tomino series that takes the Gundam
>and inflates them to fill the entire galaxy.
>Super Dimensional Century Orguss aired from 3 July 1983 to 8 April 1984 and
>the only show that I can't call a classic. It's got the same staff as
>Dimensional Fortress Macross, with some of Mikimoto's best character work,
>although some of them echo his Macross characters, and a mecha with four
>Battloid, Gerwalk, Spud Fighter and Sonic Tank. If you liked Macross,
>like this. Terrific opening and closing themes, the upbeat Drifting/Sky
>Hurricane and the infectious The Heart Is A Gypsy, both by gaijin Casey
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