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I don't hate it, but there are a few more than annoying things about it. The
tacked on love subplot was horribly handled, the whole Titans wiping out all
knowledge of the Gundam development project was kinda toolie, and really,
Kou is a pretty horrid character ... I only dislike the Wing boys more.
I, and a lot of other people, think of it as the Top Gun of Gundam. Weak
story and lame characters for the express purpose of telling an actiony
story. Of the 3 OVA's that will be airing next year, my guess is the Wing
kiddies are going to like 0083 the best, followed by 08th MS Team, with the
vast majority of them not understanding 0080 (hell, I didn't "get it" the
first time I saw it, after only being exposed to Wing fansubs and 0083 on
VHS). But we shall see.

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