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Jonathan Ng wrote:
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> >Here are today's useless fights:
> >
> >
> > 1) Master P. Rayer in a GM Custom vs. Alpha A. Beit in a GM II
> P.Rayer, just because Alpha is annoying as heck.
> > 2) Yuu Kajima in a GM Space Commando vs. Bright Noah in a Gelgoog J
> Bright's never piloted an MS before, so I'll probably hand it to the
> almighty GM.
> > 4) Anavel Gato in a Zaku FZ vs. Roy Greenwood in a GM Sniper II
> Gato's sneaky. He'll probably win.
> > 5) Garoad Ran in the Gundam Double X vs. Anayami Rei in the Gundam F90
> Garoad. Rei's not used to piloting maneuverable robots, again.
> > 7) Bernard Monsha in a GM Cannon II vs. Hayato Kobayashi in a Powered GM
> Dunno. They're both unfamiliar with the type of unit they have, but maybe
> Hayato will get lucky and Bernard will be drunk ;-)

Hayato is also the least-skilled of the White-base pilots if i'm reading
his write-up on the GundamProject correctly, while Monsha when not
facing an unusually lucky and talented amateur in a superior moble suit
while slightly tipsy is a crack-pilot

> > 8) Zechs Marquise in the Tallgeese III vs. Char Aznable in the
> > Sazabi...with no use of Funnels allowed
> But with all his other Newtype abilities... it'll be an interesting one,
> that's for sure, but the Sazabi has better ranged weaponry that the Tallgeese.

dunno about that, it may have more but Talgese III can blow up
good-sized asteroids with it's gun, though Char has a habbit of
slipping-out of target locks rather easily so it'll probably be decided
up close and personal, and Zechs is a master swordsman in and out of a
Mobile suit, combined that with Tallgesse's legendary power-to-weight
ratio and i think it's fairly even
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