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>Here are today's useless fights:
> 1) Master P. Rayer in a GM Custom vs. Alpha A. Beit in a GM II

P.Rayer, just because Alpha is annoying as heck.

> 2) Yuu Kajima in a GM Space Commando vs. Bright Noah in a Gelgoog J

Bright's never piloted an MS before, so I'll probably hand it to the
almighty GM.

> 4) Anavel Gato in a Zaku FZ vs. Roy Greenwood in a GM Sniper II

Gato's sneaky. He'll probably win.

> 5) Garoad Ran in the Gundam Double X vs. Anayami Rei in the Gundam F90

Garoad. Rei's not used to piloting maneuverable robots, again.

> 7) Bernard Monsha in a GM Cannon II vs. Hayato Kobayashi in a Powered GM

Dunno. They're both unfamiliar with the type of unit they have, but maybe
Hayato will get lucky and Bernard will be drunk ;-)

> 8) Zechs Marquise in the Tallgeese III vs. Char Aznable in the
> Sazabi...with no use of Funnels allowed

But with all his other Newtype abilities... it'll be an interesting one,
that's for sure, but the Sazabi has better ranged weaponry that the Tallgeese.

Jonathan Ng

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