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BlazeEagle wrote:

> I really liked F 91 as well. The ending felt very much like how it should
> be, since after all, it was supposed to be the start to a TV series, not a
> stand alone movie, right? While another movie would be nice, F 91 needs to
> be a TV series. I really hope Bandai decides to make an F91 TV series
> eventually. I'd like to see the series either end before Crossbone Gundam,
> but it would be cool if an F91 TV series went right through and past the
> story in Crossbone, not ignoreing it, but making the Crossbone Gundam story
> part of the series, so it would be done in animation. Crossbone Gundam is
> from F91 isn't it? There is a Crossbone Vanguard in F91, right?

Correct. The opposition in F91 is the Crossbone Vanguard, who have mobile
suits that I swear look like they're wearing gas masks.
Personally, of the various Gundams I've seen (primarily the UC and Wing series
units), the F91 has always been my favorite based on appearance.


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