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Hobbitmastr@aol.com wrote:
> > keep in mind that i said "The Clans" not "A clan" sheer weight of
> > numbers could be an important factor, and thier warships with the orbit
> > to ground bombardment capaility (hey, just One of these ships totally
> > wiped out a city, the Zeons need to empty and drop a colony to do that)
> > and the K-F hyperdrive wiht L-F battries would make crossing form one
> > Side to another a snap... but then agin the Clans do have such a rigid
> > combat system.. no battlemechs in space combat, i'd imagine the second
> > big shock after finding radio and radar suddenly useless is when they
> > see, "They're deplyong 'mechs at us? in Outer Space?"
> Consider for a moment if the Zeon stole some of that technology. It's an
> interesting thought; imagine a Musai mounted with PPC and Pulse Lasers, with
> a Kearny-Fuchida Drive. And if you include Minovsky Physics into the
> equation, who knows what effect Minovsky Particles might have on the fusion
> drive.

considering that K-F physics and Minovsky physics both derive from
discoveries made by thier respective universe's ventures into Fusion
power that is a point worth considering.. of course some of the tech
they might swipe wouldn't nessicarily be for the good.. imagine
artificial newtypes with Enhanced Imaging Implants <0.0>


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