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Oooh I like games =)
1. Turn A's own FLAT-L06D Flat
2. Some variant of the Z'gock .. doesn't quite look like the Z'gock-E
3. The classic (:P) G Gundam MS, Neo Holland's very own GF13-066NO Nether
4. Neo-Hong Kong's Mobile Horse Fuunsaiki
5. Crikey. No clue on this .. can't even begin to place it. Possibly a wierd
support MS from G Gundam?
6. Another Turn A MS, TAF-M9 Eagel
7. It's clearly a Zaku variant, and certainly feels like a MSV design but I
can't say for sure. Some type of aquatic type perhaps?

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> In eps. 45 of TURN-A, Gwen starts downloading MS files from the moon > race computers. They are flashed quickly on the screen. With the > miracle of pause and screen snapshot, I've pieced them together so we > can all try to... > > GUESS the MS! > > > > (yeah, some are easy but for the sake of completeness I included them all) > > have fun. > > -James > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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