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A U.S. Gundam PC game would be nice. The Dreamcast Gundam game hints at what
a Gundam PC game should be like. An 08th MS Team game would be great. You
should be able to play as either the Zeons or Feds., not just the Feds. as
well. I'd love to "pilot" a Zaku II, a Gouf and a Dom. Heck, even a Zugock!
The game could have a set of missions for each side for the single player
game. All kinds of multiplayer games could be set up, Fed. vs Zeon matches,
Fed/Zeon team ups, etc. Multiplayer games would be lot's of fun in the
Gundam universe.

A massive multiplayer Gundam PC game would be the best. It would have MS
combat, but you could get out of your MS, to go into bases for information,
allinces, etc. You can go anywhere on foot a human can go, but you wouldn't
want to walk into an MS battle without an MS, though! The game should allow
you to, if you want of course. You could also talk to other players in your
MS, to form alliances, throw insults during, to end an alliance gone wrong,

Actualy, consoles in addition to computers, where also the realm of the
hardcore gamer, before PS came along. I had a NES before I had a computer
and Prince of Persaia was my first PC game. There are still hardcore console
gamers, it's just that most can afford a console, because they are tons
cheaper then a PC, espcailly when they drop to the $99 or lower, price
point. Consoles require no PC knowledge and are truly plug and play devices.
It's just that on consoles, the hardcore are fewer and the casual are more
numorous. I had a friend that only bought a Sega Genesis for the sports
titles. Basically my point is, while consoles still have hardcore gamers
they have more casual gamer then there used to be and these casual gamers
are not hardcore and do not know the difference between a truly good game
and crap, a lot more hardcore gamers seem to play PC games. I can't speak
for others, but while I still play console games, I like PC gamers better
then console games. I thnik a lot of PC games need to take a few lessons
from consoles in the control dept. Complex controls doesn't always a good

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