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Oh Happy Day!
Got F91 earlier this morning and just got a chance to sit down and watch it,
and I quite enjoyed it. This certainly could have been the basis for a
rocking series, so its too bad it got stuck into movie format. Still, even
given the compressed timeframe it came off better than I expected. Most
things I've read about it haven't been overly flattering. For someone who's
never seen Gundam before, this probably would have failed as a movie since
they wouldn't have a lot of context and the technology isn't explained, but
for longtime Gundam fans it was quite well done. The ending wasn't overly
satisfying, and it almost feels like they were still hoping to do a sequel
of sorts afterwards, but while it didn't resolve the war, it did resolve the
character story, and thats what Gundam is really all about.

Speaking of the characters, they were quite all quite likeable. It reminded
me a lot of 08th MS Team, with Seabrook being a lot closer to Shiro than
Amuro or Camille. Character designs were solid, if not overly memorable. I
would have liked a little more character development, but considering the
timeframe it wasn't too bad. Some of the side characters got the shaft, but
it was handled as well as most other anime movies. It really is unfortunate
that it didn't make it as a TV series, as many of the other characters were
interesting and I would have liked to see a lot more of them. Leahlee had
promise as F91's female Bright Noah, and I got surprisingly attatched to
Berghito as a Feddie grunt.

Mechanical designs were notably derivative, but they had unique touches, at
times. The GM derivatives (Jegan's, and such) were the high points, with the
entire Crossbone Vanguard being rather ... "blah". I agree with the
assessment that F91 was where Ookawara's designs really started going into
the toilet, ultimately culminating in the mess that's Wing. Strangely
enough, his work on 08THMST was great and is among my favorites. Weird =)

The battles were nicely choreographed, and captured the chaos of war quite
nicely. Capital ships got a bit more screentime, which I appreciated, and it
was kinda crazy seeing MS's and the training ship duking it out inside a

The music was a highpoint of this series as well. The main theme, Eternal
Wind, I believe it's called, is great and definately ranks up with my
favorite Gundam themes. The incidental music and the background music during
the battles fit really well, although I thought I was hearing shades of Star
Wars at times.

As a movie it was pretty satisfying, Four Stars as a Gundam fan, two and a
half for someone not familiar with the universe. As a TV series, though, I
think this would have had great potential. Anybody know why it was trimmed
to movie form? And one final question, was Seabrook a newtype? I got the
impression that newtypes didn't really exist anymore, but Seabrook was doing
the newtype thing at times, although I suppose that could be based on the

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