M. R. Hannibal (saiyajin11@hotmail.com)
Sat, 09 Dec 2000 21:23:42 -0000

Here are today's useless fights:

  1) Master P. Rayer in a GM Custom vs. Alpha A. Beit in a GM II

  2) Yuu Kajima in a GM Space Commando vs. Bright Noah in a Gelgoog J

  3) Aguille Delaz in a Dom Funf vs. Garma Zabi in a Gouf Custom

  4) Anavel Gato in a Zaku FZ vs. Roy Greenwood in a GM Sniper II

  5) Garoad Ran in the Gundam Double X vs. Anayami Rei in the Gundam F90

  6) Ranba Rai in the Neue Ziel vs. Cima Garahau in the Alpha Aziel

  7) Bernard Monsha in a GM Cannon II vs. Hayato Kobayashi in a Powered GM

  8) Zechs Marquise in the Tallgeese III vs. Char Aznable in the
Sazabi...with no use of Funnels allowed

  9) Amuro in the Gundam Alex vs. Max in a VF-1

10) Kai Shiden in the Gundam Mark II vs. Green Wyatt in the Gaberra Tetra

11) The Principality of Zeon (with Axis and the Delaz Fleet with them)vs.
Starfleet..with no photon torpedoes.

Chew on those, and more on Monday!

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