Graham Belmont (
Sat, 09 Dec 2000 14:22:13 -0600

>>White Base and The Death Star vs. Borg Cube (HAH!)
>The Death Star would win hands down. If Dath Vader in onboard he could
>White base and the Borg Cube just by thinking about it. (Sorry I'm not a
>Star Trek fan and I haven't seen MSG yet)

Nah, all the borg need to do is strap some dynamite to a drone and toss him
on down the exhaust dealie, then *blamo*, the explosion would probably take
out the White Base as well.

Of course, tho Borg aren't smart enough to do that, so they'll just convert
everyone. It's not like Vader can kill *all* of them.

Ok, what about.....

Amuro armed with a thorny stick vs. Luke armed with an ugly stick

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