Graham Belmont (
Sat, 09 Dec 2000 14:16:28 -0600

>alrighty let's see you chew on this
>the UZS (Ultimate Zeon State, all the best of all the different Zeon
>factoins from OYW to CCA... the resources of the Duchy of Zeon during
>it's height at in the one year war, the technology of Char's Neo-Zeon,
>the determination of the Delaz fleet, and much more)
>The Clans!! (Batletech)

(I know I've already replied to this, but an idea spring unto my head after
hitting the send button)

No jump jets, rockets, energy weapons, melee weapons, or proectile weapons,
just hand-to-hand combat:

Battlemaster vs. Spiegel Gundam

Wasp (yeah, I know it's Macross, but what the heck) vs. (hehe) a Ball

ah geez! I can't remember any more mech's from B-tech (how emberassing). I'm
counting on you guys to keep this list going!


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