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Brett Jensen wrote:
> Personally I agree that many of the FASA mech designs are crap, though I like
> a couple of the chicken walkers like the Timberwolf. I'd love to play a
> Mechwarrior game from the cockpit of the Dougram, a Soltic roundfacer, or a
> destroid. I always thought the way they treated the Valkyries was a travesty
> though.
> ---Brett Jensen
okay i can see wich ones are from Macross, but since i haven't seen
Dougram or Crusher Joe could anyone point out wich of the early Btech
mechs are from those anime (still love Duanne Loose's rendition of them
reguardless of where they originally came from) and yeah the LAMs sucked
in Btech, from fighter to mech mod is something like havlf a minute by
Btech rules, when we see Valkyries switching back and forth in he blink
of an eye almost.. heh, wonder what would happen if a Macross task-force
had a trans-dimensional miss-fold and ended up in the Inner sphere..
hey! that gives me an idea for a useless fight :)


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