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There have been-and still are-American takes on anime characters in comics.
Pioneer had a short lived Tenchi Muyo American-made series, and then of
course we have Dirty Pair and Bubblegum Crisis stuff done by Adam Warren(I'm
not a big fan of Warren though-the lips, the lips!)

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Subject: [gundam] A thought... Original US Gundam comics/novels?

Just wondering whether anyone would be interested in seeing original US
Gundam comics or novels. I think it would be fascinating to see American
creators' take on Gundam, and comics or novels would be considerably easier
and less expensive to produce than animation or live-action. Who would
people like to see working on Gundam?

I'd personally like to see Ted Nomura (Tigers of Terra, World War 2 1946)
do a Gundam comic. J. Michael Straczynisci is another possibility.
Andrew Dynon

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