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As I understand it, Japan is not into PC Gaming. Both your casual players
and your hardcore players are almost strictly console, yes? Compare that to
North America, where most console gamers are casual gamers, with a
percentage of them being hardcore games. PC gamers, on the other hand, tend
to be on the more hardcore side of things.

This is of note because, AFAIK, only a handful of Gundam games have ever
been released for PC, and none of them have been memorable. But, with First
Gundam bringing UC to North America next year, might we start to see some PC
games? The Gundam universe has so much potential on the PC platform,
especially in terms of multiplayer. How about online Giren's Greed? How
about a MechCommander like game where you control a squad of GM's or Zaku's
from a third person view, sending them on various missions? How about a 08th
MS Team game using a MechWarrior style engine (hell, if editing tools are
ever released, I want a 08th MS Team TC for MW4! It wouldn't be hard at

Suffice to say the PC market is booming in North America and I'd be
surprised if Bandai didn't take advantage of it. There's what, 330 million
people or so in Canada and the US? That's a vastly bigger market than Japan,
and if they get some quality games out there it could make for some good
times. Hell, do what LucasFilm did and just give the license to various
talented groups and let them run with it (a la Verant making a massively
multiplayer Star Wars game, and BioWare doing a role playing game in the
Star Wars universe). There are some damned good development houses in North
America and they could bring us some truly kickass games with a license like
Gundam behind it. Only thing we need to remember is that the license isn't
enough, you need a good Gundam game, not just a Gundam game.

What say you all?

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