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I thought the leos were suprisingly good, except those crappily molded beam
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> >Eddie writes,
> >
> >>Looks like Bandai's canned their planned release of the Endless Waltz
> >>action figures. No bid loss... the Wing figures sucked big time
> >>anyway.
> >
> > I wouldn't bet on it - just because Amazon won't be carrying it doesn't
> >mean that it won't be produced. (Far as I know, Amazon's teamed up with
> >Toys R Us for all the toy stuff, and TRS doesn't seem to be carrying the
> >existing figures in any quantity anyway.)
> TRU is where I got all my GW figures.
> >Certainly Bandai America says
> >they're coming out, and they've presumably been done for some time given
> >how long the promo photos have been available...
> The way the notice was worded - "We've recently learned from our
> makes it sound like the news came from Bandai, who supplies those figures
> to TRU and, who is now operating TRU's online store.
> > At any rate, I certainly hope they're still on for release. While the
> >initial batch were a bit crude, I thought the most recent wave - the Wing
> >Zero, Altron, Deathscythe Hell, and especially the two versions of the
> >Leo - were great. (Especially all the moving flaps on the Wing Zero, the
> >ridiculous articulation throughout the Altron, and the just plain awesome
> >Leos.)
> You gotta call a spade a spade. The "Deluxe" figures were even worse than
> the first wave. The Wing Zero has balance problems due to the heavy
> and the moving flaps were worthless since they don't stay pegged well
> enough. One of the flaps/wings on mine fell off and when I tried to plug
> it back it was a complete nightmare. Even after reassembly it was still
> loose and unmovable, as it falls off upon the slightest tough.
> I've replaced the Deluxe Altron Gundam figure twice already, the first one
> had a very loose right leg that falls off the body when you try to pose
> only to get a replacement that has the loose legs symptom on BOTH legs.
> I money I spent on gas to replace them will soon be enough to buy another
> one. And don't even get me started on how the beam blades on the dual
> trident fall off with the slightest touch. Absolutely one of the worst
> figure ever.
> I haven't opened the D-Hell and the Leos out of utter disgust over the 2nd
> wave figures. Even the Tallgeese II still had the booster problem that
> Tallgeese I had - one booster would open when you pull on the lever, while
> the other side refuses to cooperate, and stays stuck on one side when you
> try to close it. Oh yeah, ever tried to remove the Dober Gun after it was
> clipped to the shoulder? Have fun trying. These problems make the Wing
> Gundam's loose wings or the Sandrock's loose backpack pale by comparison.
> These GW figures are just like the Spawn action figures, which look
> pretty in blister pack, but God help you should you decide to take one out
> of the package and play with it. At least the cheapo Star Wars action
> figures don't have loose limbs that fall off at the first sign of combat
> or accessories that refuse to part with the figure.
> >Despite the lack of panel lines and extra hands, I prefer these
> >latest ones to the recent MS In Action releases...
> >
> >-- Mark
> The problem with GW figures are deeper than just surface panel linees and
> (lack of) hand sets...
> Eddie
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