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Peter Carranza wrote:

> Has anyone seen and can recommend:

> Votoms

I like votoms as much as Gundam, That says it all. One hell of a good series with very
realistic mecha.

> Xabungle

haven't seen yet. :(

> Dougram

Good show. I love old Okawara designs. Also it has the same creator as Votoms. The tone
is Mospeada meets Votoms. It's damn hard to get copies of though. I finally found the 3
LD boxes (80+ eps!) in Japan. (BTW: I'll trade copies for off LD copies of mospeada or

> L-Gaim

Darn Good show. if you like Five Star Stories, you have to see this. the chara designs
remind me more of Southern cross than FSS though. The show also has a fair amount of
Slapstick. I hope to get the LDs some day.

> SPT Layzner

Never seen it but I really want to. Again, Takahashi creator of Votoms and Dougram is
behind this.

> Ideon

Proto-evangelion. A good example of Kill-em-all Tomino. I've only seen the movies.

> Orguss

Great great show. one of the most original mecha shows. Because of the classic mikimoto
character designs it really feels like Macross. I liked it so much that i bought the LDs.
The sequel is very kick-butt, I'll warn you though, the US version of Orguss 02 has been
seriously tampered with.

---Brett Jensen

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