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Roland Thigpen wrote:

> The official explanation is pretty much that they have so many good designs of their own, and want to get away from what started them off. Those designs are now designated classics, and relegated to "the good old days". There is no (well, at least not vast) opinion of them ripping off anime as most BTech fans agree that those 'Mechs are some of the best ever made. I've been on a BTech message board or three for about 2 years now and that's the general consensus. If anything, we want those 'Mechs back.
> Roland

Again, I wasn't talking about B-tech fans, I was talking about non B-tech playing anime fans. Anyway, wherever I read that, (It's been a couple of years) must have been wrong, sorry.

And yes, Okawara and Kawamori, kick the crap outta FASA designers.

---Brett Jensen

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