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Phil Abramowitz wrote:

> As someone whose been following Battletech for 15+ years, I can tell you
> that the oppisite is true. All the fans really want to see the return of
> the Macross/Dougram/Crusher Joe designs. Most fans aren't too impressed
> with the latest FASA designs.
> Phil

Well... I wasn't talking about Battletech fans. Anyway, I don't remember where
I read that, but it must have been bad info, sorry. BTW didn't they drop the
twelve before the HG/Playmates Lawsuit?

Personally I agree that many of the FASA mech designs are crap, though I like
a couple of the chicken walkers like the Timberwolf. I'd love to play a
Mechwarrior game from the cockpit of the Dougram, a Soltic roundfacer, or a
destroid. I always thought the way they treated the Valkyries was a travesty

---Brett Jensen

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