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>>>Maybe I
>>>when I buy some as gifts for the snob friends, but then again >>>they
>>>down on MG kits to start with, hehehehehe.

>>Huh? Why?

>They feel MG kits are overengineered to a point where people >with no
>can make it look good even without painting. These people grew >up with
>the old kits (before snap-fit and System Injection) so they are >more used
>to working extra hard on kits to get the look they want.


The thing like about MGs (and HGs for that matter) is that the model can be
made to look good and accurate without compromising certain things like
Besides its this "overengineering" that allows a lot of different things to
be done to MG kits. IMHO, a lot more creative things can be done wiwh MG
kits with all the litle parts that they come with, it just takes a lot of
time, effort and creativity (duh)!
Last but not least, MGs save me money! Even if they're a tad expensive, i
don't have to spend as much on modeling supplies like before as I now can
work only of the parts I want and leave the parts that are good looking
enough alone. Case in point, my RX-79(G), since most of the colors were
fine, all I painted was the internal frame (flat german grey with silver for
the pistons) and the insides of the armor. For the outside, all I did was
coat it with Gunze Top Coat (flat) to get rid of that shiny plastic look
(after putting some extra markings in). The kit came out great, not really
professional looking but at least it gained a distinct personality and I
didn't spend that much on it. Especially compared to my Alex which recieved
a whole new coat of paint (A darker blue more like th Nu-Gundam), the thing
cost me a lot and is still costing me (I'm not yet done with it, in fact,
I'm sanding the excess glue on the head which I used in place of putty - no
cash for it - to seal the seam)


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