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Has anyone seen and can recommend:

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>Right now I'm in the process of buying 5 anime DVD series as they're coming
>Gasaraki (2 volumes out), not only is this the best anime DVD in terms of
>video and sound quality currently available, the show RULES. Killer story,
>brilliant mechanical design from Yutaka Izubuchi (Gundam 0080, CCA,
>Patlabor, and much more), heaps of conspiracy, Japanese mysticism, gorgeous
>character designs ... there's nothing not to like here.
>Trigun (presently up to volume 5) is one of my favorites .. don't let the
>early comedy fool you, this turns very dark after the halfway point
>Outlaw Star ... already saw all of it on VHS, but its one of my favorites
>... just a fun show. Plus its 9 episodes per DVD so you get the whole
>on 3 DVD's, you can't beat that..
>Escaflowne, I'm presently upgrading my VCD fansubs to DVD. One of my
>favorite shows ... this should be in everyone's library. Only one volume is
>out so far.
>Nadesico, another one of my favorites, and another one I already have
>fansubbed, but I'm more than willing to throw heaps of money at ADV if
>they'll keep pumping out of favorite shows.
>Other than that ... Cowboy Bebop is out in its entirety, and I'm going to
>have to pick that up one of these days ... the Slayers and Slayers Next
>boxsets are both out, and next year is shaping up to be a banner year for
>anime on DVD. I'd certainly reccomend any of the ones above for purchase,
>they're all high quality DVD's of great shows.
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> > ITs been over two weeks and I haven't seen anything new (aside from the
>stuff) Can anybody out there suggest a new anime series that is really
> >
> > While we're at it. Does anybody here listen to X Japan? Where do can you
>find the album "Blue Blood" these days?
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> > Thanks
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