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On Fri, 08 Dec 2000 10:45:26
 Brett Jensen wrote:
>Agreed about bebop. I heard Manga massively screwed up the Honneamise DVD. I
>think I'll save up for the Region 0 Japanese disc. Man, that blows though. I've
>been waiting for that disc for over a year. IMO the best anime movie ever. (DYRL
>is second ^_^)
>---Brett Jensen

Thanks. I've really been thinking of completing the Cowboy Bebop series since it was first shown on WOWOW. The whole thing was in Japanese though, so I gave up watching it on about the third episode (no use finishing a good series w/o understanding the details). As for Honneamise... well this is probably Gainax at its finest. I reallly don't understand why many watch it because of it's "depth" and "complexity". In truth, I think Honneamise was a very simple story, with a very simple plot. This was what made it so beautiful in the first place.

"Dete Unakereba, Yararenakatta no ni!"

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