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>1) Ikari Shinji in Jinzoningen Evangelion Unit 00 vs. Char Aznable in the

Char cuts the umbilical cord cable, and Shinji runs out of energy. I don't
think he can berserk Unit 00, so Char wins.

Unless I'm getting something really wrong here.

>2) Johnny Ridden in a Gelgoog Marine vs. Shin Matsunaga in a Rick Dom II
>( ace fight...)

Probably Ridden because the Gelgoog M is a slightly technologically
superior machine...

>4) Soryu Asuka Langley in the Tallgeese III vs. Amuro Rei in the Nu Gundam

I think Amuro's sneaky tactics would be a bit much for Asuka (she's used to
hitting big things anyway)

>5) Kou Uraki in the GP03 vs. Shiro Amada in the Gundam Alex

I hope you mean the Stamen. If the Alex had Chobham Shiro would win (by
virtue of him sacrificing the armour to get a hit), if he didn't... maybe I
put too much confidence in Kou's abilities, but it would be close.

>6) Amuro Rei in the Nu Gundam vs. Camille Vidan in the Zeta Gundam

Amuro, unless Camille gets boosted by "Newtype Aura". If you take away the
funnels Camille has more of a chance, but the Nu is still a superior suit.

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