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On Sat, 09 Dec 2000 00:07:42 -0500 Neil Baumgardner <> wrote:
>Brett Jensen wrote:
>> > suit denied. PlayMates/HG countersue, and win. FASA promptly discontinues any acknowledgement of the
>> > original Macross designs in Battletech.
>> I've read that FASA dropped the mecha because of constant fan bitching about them "ripping off anime".
>Nope, it was in direct relationship to the lawsuits. For the FASA statement, see
>> Otherwise why drop the Dougram designs as well as the Macross ones.
>Probably to avoid _any_ further problems. Way back before Robotech was on TV, Revell sold Dougram models as
>part of the 'Robotech Defenders' line (also the origin of the DC comics by the same name). See here for more
>Not sure what the current status of those rights are today to be honest though. Not sure anybody really
>cares anyway...
> Neil Baumgardner

And besides that...FASA is still making minis of both the Corsair and the Sparrowhawk, fighters from Crusher Joe the Movie. They even just recently resculpted the Corsair to give it more detail.

The official explanation is pretty much that they have so many good designs of their own, and want to get away from what started them off. Those designs are now designated classics, and relegated to "the good old days". There is no (well, at least not vast) opinion of them ripping off anime as most BTech fans agree that those 'Mechs are some of the best ever made. I've been on a BTech message board or three for about 2 years now and that's the general consensus. If anything, we want those 'Mechs back.


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