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Fri, 08 Dec 2000 10:45:26 -0600 wrote:

> It's a very good series,extremely stylish,full of humor and action. Definatly
> a must see. Also, Gainax's first work(and in my opinion,their best to date)
> The Wings of Honneamise is out on DVD. It's movie a little over 2 hours,so
> you have to worry about collecting multiple volumes.
> Jim Leung

Agreed about bebop. I heard Manga massively screwed up the Honneamise DVD. I
think I'll save up for the Region 0 Japanese disc. Man, that blows though. I've
been waiting for that disc for over a year. IMO the best anime movie ever. (DYRL
is second ^_^)

---Brett Jensen

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