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Brett Jensen wrote:

> Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> > Oh come on. Bandai (or Tatsunoko, I cant remember who it was originally) was stupid enough to
> > grant HG the license for Macross and all Macross-related products in the US in perpetuity. HG
> > is simply defending its rights.
> sigh,
> First off: Big West is the rights holder for Macross. Out of the Robotech shows Tatsunoko only
> produced Southern Cross.

Did Big West exist in 1983, or whatever year it was HG acquired the rights? I could be wrong, but I
dont think so.

> Second: Apperently Big west doesn't agree that they gave up international rights to all sequels
> and sidestories or they wouldn't be fighting HG.

Yes, and all indications are it will be shortly resolved. However, one only needs to look at the
FASA-PlayMates/HG disputes to see where this one is likely headed.
FASA sues PlayMates/HG over use of 'Battletech' designs in the new PlayMates Robotech toyline. FASA
suit denied. PlayMates/HG countersue, and win. FASA promptly discontinues any acknowledgement of the
original Macross designs in Battletech. It would seem, HG does have an exclusive right to Macross
products in the US. Note the current BigWest/Toycom-HG dispute is not in court, but in negotiations.
I wonder why....


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