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Right now I'm in the process of buying 5 anime DVD series as they're coming
Gasaraki (2 volumes out), not only is this the best anime DVD in terms of
video and sound quality currently available, the show RULES. Killer story,
brilliant mechanical design from Yutaka Izubuchi (Gundam 0080, CCA,
Patlabor, and much more), heaps of conspiracy, Japanese mysticism, gorgeous
character designs ... there's nothing not to like here.
Trigun (presently up to volume 5) is one of my favorites .. don't let the
early comedy fool you, this turns very dark after the halfway point
Outlaw Star ... already saw all of it on VHS, but its one of my favorites
... just a fun show. Plus its 9 episodes per DVD so you get the whole series
on 3 DVD's, you can't beat that..
Escaflowne, I'm presently upgrading my VCD fansubs to DVD. One of my alltime
favorite shows ... this should be in everyone's library. Only one volume is
out so far.
Nadesico, another one of my favorites, and another one I already have
fansubbed, but I'm more than willing to throw heaps of money at ADV if
they'll keep pumping out of favorite shows.

Other than that ... Cowboy Bebop is out in its entirety, and I'm going to
have to pick that up one of these days ... the Slayers and Slayers Next
boxsets are both out, and next year is shaping up to be a banner year for
anime on DVD. I'd certainly reccomend any of the ones above for purchase,
they're all high quality DVD's of great shows.

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