Peter Savin (
Fri, 8 Dec 2000 17:49:39 -0800

> Yes, cables are nightmares. Zaku I's pretty good. But, go for Zaku II or
> even new Gouf. You gotta try putting together those conductive cable at
> least once. Then you can really say that you built a Zeon suit.
> Personally, I like all Zakus and I don't think we could never have
> enough Zaku variants.

You think that's bad, I'm in the process of replacing all the cables on the
1/100 Hi-Zak with MG style cables. Of course, I didn't the "beads", so I'm
using slices of plastic tubing. I spent like 4 hours cutting the tube
slices...ugh...I wish I could just buy a big bag of 'em. :)

Peter Savin

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