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I hope so, myself. GW isn't my favorite, but it's still OK.
BTW while we're on topic, is the game generally considered better than the
old SNES game Endless Deul?

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   I thought so too. It was supposed to be called Gundam Wing Battle Master
with a release date of Feb. 2001. It was also supposed to be a totally new
game. Maybe Gundam Battle Assault is a quickie job just to cash in on the GW
craze and that game is still in the works?

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> Wasn't there a plan to make an all-GW fighting game a while back that
> be released in February 2001? Or did they simply give up and decide to
> Battle Master 2 and convert it instead?
> You know, I shudder at the thought of kids eventually watching Zeta,
> Camille and going "Look, it's Heero's arch nemesis!"
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