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you Will Be Very Dissapointed!

I just got the game 2 days ago and sadly It doesn't measure to my expectation. Well the game revolves around only one charater and its Heero Yuy and you get to pick your mecha

Wing Gundam (every move of ZG and WG are the same.)
zeta Gundam (Kamiyu Vidan
Zaku II (Denim)
GP02A (Gato)
Neue Ziel (Gato)
The O ( Scirocco)
Quebley (Haman)
Big Zam (Dozul)
Full-Armored Double Zeta Gundam (Judo Ashita)
Ziong (Char 0079)
Sazabi (Char 0093)

Psycho Gundam MK-III (Valder Farkill -from GW G-Unit)
Hydra Gundam (Treize)

This game was probably a rehash/tranlation of their last battle master game since this was developed probably to cash in on GWing's fame in the US. Many GWing fans will be disappointed since Heero and Wing Gundam are the only familiar char and mech present aside from Treize. Also there is no story mode for the other pilots. FMV are absent although it's BGM are in CD-DA format so you can pop this to your CD Player.

PS: Valder Farkill was the original pilot of Hydra Gundam.

I suggest you just rent it and see if it worth it. wrote:

>There is a Gundam game coming out for the PSone it's called Gundam Battle
>Assault it has EVERY character that has been on the Gundam sereis including
>the GW boys(especially my fave Duo Maxwell)! It comes out this month so be
>on the look out for it!
>Ja Ne,
>Seiya Kou


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