Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 8 Dec 2000 15:11:50 -0800

>What other things can be used to distinguish bootleg kits from original
>Bandai kits?

Dunno... Bendi kits used to look identical to Bandai kits, the only
tell-tale sign was the diamond shaped Ben Di logo which was different
from Bandai's square trademark. It still looked really similar and
people can mistake it for a Bandai kit if they are not careful.

I've seen counterfeit trading cards (Carddass Masters) that looked like
the real thing, they copied the Bandai trademark as well, you literally
cannot tell until you open the pack to find all the mistakes printed on
their cards. Given how blatant bootlegging has become, it's becoming
harder and harder to tell a fake from the real thing.

>>I wasn't about to waste my hard-earned money to find out. :) >Maybe I
>>when I buy some as gifts for the snob friends, but then again >they look
>>down on MG kits to start with, hehehehehe.
>Huh? Why?

They feel MG kits are overengineered to a point where people with no skills
can make it look good even without painting. These people grew up with
the old kits (before snap-fit and System Injection) so they are more used
to working extra hard on kits to get the look they want.


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