Graham Belmont (
Fri, 08 Dec 2000 16:30:59 -0600

>about the GP02, i remember scenes where the Gundam
>would seemingly hover. it was in the first couple
>episodes, don't remember which, after the Zeon
>recovery ship was destroyed by the GP01, the GP02
>dashed out from the ship's flaming wreckage, and it
>looked like it hovered. I don't remember seeing the
>jet from the binders.
>P.S: if anything sound jerky in the message, it's
>because i'm in AP C++ class and i'm trying to hide
>from the teacher.

Also, if any of you have Gundam Fix, there's a picture in there of the GP02
blasting across the desert without its jet binders on. If any of you want a
pic, lemme know and I'll scan it for ya so you can see.

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