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Neil Baumgardner wrote:

> Oh come on. Bandai (or Tatsunoko, I cant remember who it was originally) was stupid enough to
> grant HG the license for Macross and all Macross-related products in the US in perpetuity. HG
> is simply defending its rights.


First off: Big West is the rights holder for Macross. Out of the Robotech shows Tatsunoko only
produced Southern Cross.

Second: Apperently Big west doesn't agree that they gave up international rights to all sequels
and sidestories or they wouldn't be fighting HG.

Third: Who did manga get the rights from for Macross Plus, and if it wasn't Harmony gold then why
is HG choosing now to exercise it's so-called rights

> Now, they're up to something. For instance, they've started up a new website,
>, with the theme of 'The best is yet to come.' Does that tell you
> something.

Yeah, more crap with a capital C from our friends at Harmony gold...

> "We're not scared about them taking business away from Robotech. If we were, we wouldn't have
> given Animeigo the license to do Macross DVD's.

That's one good thing and for that I give them credit.

> I know it sucks right now, but we're hammering out a deal with Big West right now to bring
> much more than just YF-19's into the US. If everything works out, pretty soon Harmony Gold
> will be very happy, Big West will be very happy, and Macross fans will be very happy."

That's nice, but the uneven way in which they have exercised their rights is unfair. Manga get's
off scott free, but Toycom is nailed! Most importantly it's just plain sh---y for the fans. Those
toys were coming down the pipe for a long time then seemingly outta nowhere, Bam! it just

---Brett Jensen

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