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Negative on that.
Gundam Battle Assault is already out (as of 11/18/2000), and is a rehashed version of the couple of year old Japanese title Gundam: The Battlemaster 2. The only thing that's been changed is that all of the character sprites have been replaced ... the generic chick pilot is now Heero, and all of the "bad guys" are various UC timeline characters (Amuro, Char, etc). Other than that, the Wing Gundam has been added as a playable fighter (although I'm told it behaves an awful lot like the Zeta Gundam), and the Hamma Hamma has been dropped as a playable fighter.
Heero (and Treize) are the only After Colony characters who apear.
I played the original import version and its a pretty average fighter ... certainly nothing that will tear me away from Soul Calibur.

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There is a Gundam game coming out for the PSone it's called Gundam Battle Assault it has EVERY character that has been on the Gundam sereis including the GW boys(especially my fave Duo Maxwell)! It comes out this month so be on the look out for it!

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